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Owen Frick

I’ve been tattooing since 2013.
Kelowna B.C. is my home, shared with my wife, daughters, and dogs.

In my work I enjoy creating art that accentuates and highlights the human form. My preference for subject matter includes the natural world, geometric shapes & patterns, and illustrated stories. Every day I’m humbled to have a career that allows me to permanently ornament people with my custom designs.

My Experience

On Tattooing

There can be a lot of emotion surrounding a tattoo experience: The sentiment or inspiration, the excitement in developing the art, and the beauty of the healed result. I recognize that for many people there is also a certain level of anxiety. Whether in anticipation of the sensation of being tattooed, its permanency or any other triggers. There are a number of steps I follow to help reduce stress and create an environment in which my clients feel at ease. An in-person consultation allows you to meet me in person and become acquainted with the space. You will have time to express your ideas and for us to collaborate on the design. I will educate you how to prepare for the day of your tattoo with concise aftercare instructions. In addition, I always ensure my clients feel safe and respected and I operate with utmost professionalism.

On Preparation
for your Tattoo

To prepare for your consultation, please have an idea of the approximate size, location and any photo references you have for inspiration. The best examples are samples of my own work that you are drawn to. I only tattoo original art and I never recycle previously tattooed pieces. For small or medium pieces the design is typically designed the day of tattoo application. I reserve enough time on day of application to make any changes and adjustments beforehand so everything is exactly the way you want it. For larger projects such as full sleeves, large scale torso or back piece I will usually send you a rough draft a week prior and a more refined design including detailed composition a few days before. I am honoured to have your trust in brining your vision into fruition.

What Clients Say

“I couldn’t be happier”

Owen’s artistic vision, style, talent and professionalism from start to finish is in the highest regard. I look forward to getting more tattoos from him.

Helen Taylor

Helen Taylor

“LOVE his work!”

My first encounter with Owen was for a fix up of an older tattoo. I knew from the moment he started suggesting what he could do that I had found my artist! He was confident; I didn’t feel any pressure, a true professional. His care and diligence with his craft results in seem less healing with the end product being gorgeous tattoos. I highly recommend Owen for your first (or next) piece of body art.



“WOW! So impressed with his artistic talent”

I let Owen have complete free rein to tattoo what he thought would work best and I was so impressed with his originality and creativity. Both him and his shop have a very chill vibe and I felt completely at ease.

Shailee Ferguson

Shailee Ferguson


Here is a sample of some of my work from my instagram feed. Feel free to follow me for frequent updates on my latest pieces. To see more work, hit the Load More Posts button below.

Hope you are all well ❤️
From my flash
Thanks Aaron!
From my flash
Done on my lovely coworker @inkroom_tattoos_kelowna 
Above a fantastic healed piece from the talented @_astralink
Thanks Dylan!

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